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The Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists is a statewide organization representing over 1,400 anesthesiologists and allied health providers. OSA promotes improved communication among its members and the advancement of anesthesiology within the medical profession. The OSA is a state affiliate of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). OSA publishes a newsletter, which includes timely information about legislation and regulation.

The OSA Annual Meeting is held in the fall in major Ohio cities. Throughout our site you will find the latest news and information surrounding the role of anesthesiologists in the state of Ohio. We hope to foster communication among our members and various state and local agencies, and emphasize the importance of anesthesiologists in today’s complex medical environment.


Greetings from the OSA executive committee, board and staff who have been working hard to provide an increased membership value and advocacy efforts on behalf of our members. The board has increased membership value by eliminating the registration fee for the OSA annual conference .  Our  meeting is free to members providing CME credits;   which included 5 MOCA patient safety credits were offered at last year’s meeting.   I would like to thank Michel Hawryschuk MD for all his hard work as program chair of the meeting.

At the OSA annual meeting in September, Dr. Grant, ASA Immediate Past President, informed us that male anesthesiologists are the group with highest rate of physician suicide. Dr. Grant has formed an ASA ad hoc Committee on Physician Suicide Rates chaired by Ron Harter MD, OSA Past President and current Speaker of the ASA House of Delegates.  The link to the ASA website for suicide prevention resources is below.   https://www.asahq.org/in-the-spotlight/suicide-prevention-resources/

At the ASA 2018 annual meeting Alan Marco MD, OSA Past President and current ASA Director, David Cory MBA, and I attended the State Component Society Issues Forum.  Multiple issues were presented and discussed, including those regarding increased resident engagement in advocacy efforts, insurance/managed care, and scope of practice concerns.

Advocacy and engagement with legislators are now more important than ever.

You can help in the following ways:

  1. Stay informed and be ready to communicate with your state legislators, when asked to do so by Willa Ebersole the OSA lobbyist.
  2. Update your contact information with the OSA . The email address is osa@osainc.org
  3. Invite Willa Ebersole, the OSA lobbyist, to one of your group’s meetings. Willa’s email address is willa@tompappas.com.
  4. Contribute to the OSA PAC and ASA PAC and encourage others to do so too.
  5. If you choose not to be personally engaged in advocacy efforts, please support your colleagues that who are engaged in any way that you can.

The OSA is committed to preserving physician-lead anesthesia care.  Advocacy at the state and national levels are crucial for this goal.  Please get involved today!

In closing I would ask you to “be your patient’s doctor.” Make sure your patients understand your role in their care.  Keep them safe with your skill and knowledge and reassure them with your presence and concern.  It is more important than ever that our patients identify us as physicians  and understand the extensive training required and our broad scope of medical knowledge which affords us the ability to manage patients’ anesthetic care in a way that provides for safest outcomes.

Best regards,

John S. Rogoski, DO, FASA

- The OSA Mission

Anesthesiologists are a Patient’s Lifeline…

We Promote the Highest Standards of Patient Care and Safety
We Foster Excellence through Education
We Advocate for Our Patients

– The Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists

Board of Directors

President: William Glenn, MD
President-Elect: Michael Hawryschuk, MD
Vice-President: Erica Stein, MD
Secretary-Treasurer: Andrew Zura, MD
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: Victor Davila, MD
Immediate Past President: John Rogoski, DO

Contact the board:
Email: osa@osainc.org
Phone: 614-784-9721
Fax: 614-784-9221