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The Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists is a statewide organization representing over 1,400 anesthesiologists and allied health providers. OSA promotes improved communication among its members and the advancement of anesthesiology within the medical profession. The OSA is a state affiliate of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). OSA publishes a newsletter, which includes timely information about legislation and regulation.

The OSA Annual Meeting is held in the fall in major Ohio cities. Throughout our site you will find the latest news and information surrounding the role of anesthesiologists in the state of Ohio. We hope to foster communication among our members and various state and local agencies, and emphasize the importance of anesthesiologists in today’s complex medical environment.

OSA COVID-19 Update - Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

I am reaching out to offer encouragement as the State of Ohio enters a challenging time such that we have not faced before, at least during our careers. COVID-19 presents us with an iceberg where broad and sure navigation now, while it only appears to be a tiny speck, will keep our ship safe from the greater threat that lies beneath the surface. As guardians of the operating room and the ICU during this crisis, we hold a critical position from which we can protect patients who are previously beyond our reach. Leading our teams, from the administrators all the way to the patient care techs, sets in motion a unified effort that can identify and act upon factors that have a ripple effect throughout the hospitals and communities that we serve.

Let me implore you to immediately engage with your facility’s administration by having frank conversations about how to manage events as they may unfold. The presence of a plan now enhances the effectiveness of the team and avoids confusion in the face of chaos. Your local emergency departments have protocols in place to identify, sequester and evaluate patients who may be exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infection. I urge you to consider having your facility apply that same process to every patient who arrives to the admitting area prior to surgery. The undetected admission of one person infected with COVID-19 may tragically expose scores of patients and caregivers to the virus needlessly.

Strongly consider discussing trigger events for curtailing or prohibiting elective surgeries. Adjusting too slowly to a significant uptick in the local infection rate may leave your facility short on beds, personal protective equipment, critical care drugs and ventilators when they are most needed. Balance this with the knowledge that hospitals may take a significant financial setback at some point and surgeons, especially those in independent practice, may be financially and professionally devastated.

Anesthesiologists hold the key to a significant expansion in the supply of ventilators in the event of a catastrophic outbreak. Recruitment of the anesthesia machines as ICU ventilators to save lives is a revelation for hospital administrators and critical care staff alike. Nursing and respiratory staff will need training to operate our equipment and we will be there to teach them should the unfortunate need arise. Indeed, this would be a worst case scenario that we hope never materializes but having a plan in place, should it come to that, puts you ahead of the game.

Keep abreast of recommendations and mandates from federal, state and local government. Lean on sources like the CDC, APSF, OSHA, AMA and the ASA to help guide your practice and manage your resources. Teach other healthcare providers, patients and members of your community about methods to best avoid contracting the disease. Dr. Giacomo Grasselli, the anesthesia/critical care physician directing northern Italy’s crisis – “…the most important thing is to avoid the spread of the disease through the education of the population, because no matter how good is your health-care system, if the tsunami arrives, sooner or later, you will be submerged.”

Be safe, be vigilant,

William Glenn MD
President, Ohio Society of Anesthesiology
ASA Committee on Trauma and Emergency Preparedness


Anesthesiologist: a physician specializing in anesthesiology.


This is a call to arms for Anesthesiologists in Ohio.


The time has come to stop others from using our professional title, Anesthesiologist. Simply adding the word, “nurse,” to make, “Nurse Anesthesiologist,” makes this act of professional deceit no better.

Let that sink in, they wish to call themselves, “Anesthesiologists”.

A recent past president of the ASA convinced me of the need to call out members who sit on their hands while the rest of us fight. I trust that you will not sit by and allow the Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists’ leadership to grant themselves our title by tricking lawmakers into thinking that they are doctors. All anesthesiologists must join in the defense of our profession. If not, then shame on you and yes, I mean it.

According to the AANA, your medical school and residency do not matter. They claim that your internship, the single most important and demanding period of a physician’s training, has no bearing on your ability to practice your profession. The AANA asserts that their two years of classes and clinicals are equivalent to your exhausting 12,000 hours of residency training and your four years of medical school combined. This message is being pushed fervently to lawmakers as the AANA leadership seeks to greedily take on the title of “Anesthesiologist” while expanding their scope of practice. The ASA/OSA will never belittle the time and effort that our CRNA colleagues have put into their professional training but the blatant denigration of our education is both absurd and desperate. We do not equivocate the behavior of the AANA and OSANA leadership with that of the professionals that we work with every day, who worked hard to earn their title, Nurse Anesthetist, and are proud of it. Don’t help this group drag the rest of their membership into an embarrassing spectacle in our state.

If these things don’t make you angry, they should. Our Political Action Committee monies are entirely separate from our state society dues. You have to contribute independently to the OSA PAC to fight back. Their lobby has spent $179,000.00 in our state capitol in the last 18 months while we collected only $27,000 last year in PAC contributions. That’s only 15% of their amount – 15%! How can we possibly fight back without your participation? Only 5% of OSA members contribute to the OSA PAC. Of last year’s total, $19,000 of this was given between the OSA leadership and one outstanding individual who gave $5,000.00. That means the entire rest of our state raised only $8,000 from about 45 of more than 1600 regular members. Won’t you join us by doing your part for your own profession?

If you do not care that CRNAs will make themselves into “Anesthesiologists” without medical training, if you want to sit by while they legislate themselves into unrestricted practice, ignore my plea and just let the OSANA leadership get away with it. The rest of us must engage in OSA’s efforts to stop this and the easiest way to do this is by giving to the OSA PAC – today.

The OSA leadership will fight – hard – but we can’t do it without funding and that’s up to you. Don’t let our patients be deceived and confused when they are at their most vulnerable!

The PAC donation form is included in this newsletter. Tear it out, fill it out, and send it. Please join us in the fight and don’t delay.



William Glenn, MD

President, Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists

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Anesthesiologists are a Patient’s Lifeline…

We Promote the Highest Standards of Patient Care and Safety
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– The Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists

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